I got tagged by Jam to do the 6 selfies thing!

I can’t stop thinking about how creepy weird it is that my boyfriend was born in the exact date my sister died.

I dont want to sleep alone tonight but my special someone insisted in going home and now I’m stupidly upset…hello xanax goodbye awakeness.


burntumbra replied to your post: ugh I got sick with whatever stomach f…

awwww noooo! i was just thinking of asking if you and becca wanted to meet up there :(

as far as I know we’re still planning on going tomorrow! :3

(it’s her dang fault I’m sick anyhow lol)

hush up I blame target. Stupid target plague.

Sorry for my absence. I’ve been spending a lot of time with a special someone <3


Nsio Pose Practice: Tsuchimiya Sayako by Nsio
very important


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Paper Cuts

by Cameron Garland